British Columbia Introduces New Self-Exclusion Checks in Land-Based Casinos

Initiated by the BC Lottery Corporation, this is a significant step up in the efforts to ensure that consumers are protected. Moving forward, the only way to enter casinos in the province would be by providing a government-issued identification. This way, the onus would be on land-based properties to ensure that people who enter are not self-excluded or under the legal gambling age.

Using Automated ID Checks to Keep Consumers Safe

The measure is expected to be officially introduced this summer, and more details will be forthcoming as the final implementation date is being debated but will be here before August in all likelihood. Casinos will have to do some catching up to do as they would have to ensure that they have the necessary software to check against a database of self-excluded players in the province.

All IDs will be scanned by security staff prior to admission to casino properties with the system automatically referencing a patron’s identity against the Game Break self-exclusion program. Although some concerns about privacy have been raised, the system does not store any personal data to speak of, so consumers will be able to pass this check without any concern.

According to the regulator, this is a way towards paving the way for an industry that has the healthiest players in the world, and the quick and reliable verification against the self-exclusion program is a great way to achieve this. These automated ID scans are also the best way to ensure that no underage or self-excluded individual would be able to enter the premises of a casino.

Building the World’s Healthiest Player Base

IDs in casinos in British Columbia have always been required, as they are needed to verify identity when claiming winnings or withdrawing jackpots. Regardless, the tiger711 new system is expected to improve who gets on the casino floor and still be unobtrusive enough for consumers to not be turned away or scared by identity checks.

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Game Break is not without its potential faults and exploits, however. Similar self-exclusion programs have been abused in the past. GAMSTOP in the United Kingdom, for example, could be tinkered with if a person would re-enter information about themselves, thus confusing self-exclusion algorithms and fooling automated checks.