Esports Technologies Incorporated premieres new advance

American eSports wagering products and technologies provider Esports Technologies Incorporated has announced that it hoping to increase its business partner engagements via the launch of the new platform.

The Las Vegas-headquartered firm used an official Thursday press release to detail that the fresh innovation now allows commissioned affiliates to bank earnings based upon the amounts of confirmed deposits and revenues they may generate. The Nevada company moreover described its latest advance as a ‘multi-faceted eSports solution’ that merges ‘secure and reliable wagering with industry-leading odds, effective promotions and targeted cross-selling.’

Bespoke bonanza:

Esports Technologies Incorporated proclaimed that also offers ‘flexible payment options optimizing conversion and retention’ as well as customized commission plans that can be ‘precision-tailored to specific wagering verticals’ encompassing eSports, online casino and sports wagering.

Enduring establishment:

Nasdaq-listed Esports Technologies Incorporated has been developing engaging and ground-breaking technologies for eSports aficionados around the world since its establishment in 2016 including a variety of product, platform and marketing solutions. The innovator declared that it additionally offers real-money wagering opportunities via the domain at while endeavoring to develop ‘eSports predictive gaming technologies that allow distribution to both customers and business partners.’

Added allure:

Michael Holm (pictured) serves as the Affiliate Director for Esports Technologies Incorporated and he used the press release to state that his company’s new advance is to additionally feature industry-leading odds on a plethora of eSports events ‘with support for multiple markets in 140 jurisdictions’. He pronounced that the innovation with its ‘quantitative analytics resources’ is furthermore certain to create ‘a thriving ecosystem’ via the offer of weekly and monthly promotions that ‘keep players engaged’ alongside free-play competitions to ‘draw new and returning users.’

Prominent partnerships:

Esports Technologies Incorporated finished by asserting that its new service will permit it to reinforce its ‘position of influence’ within the eSports vertical and better exploit the strategic alliances it has already formed with many ‘cultural icons and brand ambassadors’ such as National Basketball Association (NBA) point guard Jordan Clarkson and American dee-jay and record producer Clinton Sparks ‘to help convert casual fans.’

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Read a statement from Holm…

“ will harness the robust intellectual property of Esports Technologies Incorporated to offer a best-in-class wagering experience that consistently optimizes conversion and retention to generate maximum revenues for our affiliate partners. We are excited to welcome affiliate partners from all over the world and we look forward to working with them in a way that’s mutually b top646 eneficial.”