Sihanoukville Gov Wants to Strike Back Against Crime and Casinos

Cambodia wants to do more to ensure that gambling establishments that launder money from criminals are dealt with once and for all. The provincial governor of Preah Sihanouk, Kuoch Chamroeun, has taken this task to heart as he wants to ensure that any gambling business associated with criminal proceedings in any way will have their licenses suspended.

Sihanoukville Casinos and Gambling Business in Focus

According to local media outlets, Chamroeun is looking to bolster the response against drug and human trafficking, gun crimes, murders, illegal confinement, and other serious offenses that have prompted the US State Department to issue a warning about Cambodia and investors’ p tiger711 rospects of doing business there.

Part of the governor’s response is an attempt to ameliorate the country’s patchy record in dealing with such crime. The governor is also responding to a recent shootout at the Tong Fang Palirin Casino which lead to the deaths of two Chinese nationals who were shot by compatriots.

Chamroeun confirmed that the recent shootouts at Sihanoukville has prompted his office into action. Commenting for local media outlets, the governor said that he has ordered decisive action against casinos and related business locations.

Should there be evidence of these businesses involved in foul play, the governor and authorities will act to shut them down, suspend licenses and seek permission from the government to revoke business licenses, Chamroeun confirmed.

Governor Confident That Crime Can Be Fought

“We are formally putting the owners of casinos and other business owners within our jurisdiction on notice that no further incidents will be tolerated,” the governor added. Sihanoukville has often been associated with crime, human trafficking, and other offenses.

The popular destination which hosts a number of gambling businesses has seen a numerous crackdowns against the broader criminal contingent, but offshore gambling operations and criminal outfits have continued to proliferate. Governor Chamroeun believes that there is something he can change.

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