Wild casino Launches New CS:GO Odds Product with Bet Builder Tool

Global distributor of esports data and technology, Abios, announced today it has launched a new odds product tailored for CS:GO that presents a wide selection of engaging bet offers.

Esports Demands New Odds Products

The new product allows Abios’ sportsbook partners to leverage same-game parlay, player props, and flash markets to create a compelling offering for the esports bettor while benefiting fully from the potential of esports.

Abios founder and chief executive officer, Oskar Fröberg, commented on the development, proud to see the company “release a product that unites the features” typical for esports betting and catering to the needs of the industry.

“While we have seen that many operators are including esports in their offerings, there is a growing demand for better esports odds products,” Fröberg said, pointing out that these products should “reflect the fast, dynamic gameplay in esports.”

In its essence, the new product launched by Abios is a data-driven odds feed for CS:GO that features a vast array of betting markets linked to the various aspects of the game such as round-by-round betting and game-specific events like pistol round winner and player-to-get over/under a certain number of kills.

Bet Builder Unlocks a New Dimension

In addition, the bet builder feature of the product allows players to combine correlated betting markets from the same match they have selected for betting, providing a new level of the CS:GO betting experience.

“With a same-game bet builder, round-by-round betting and player props, we believe CS:GO is finally ready product-wise to reach the next frontier, to become one of the top-tier sports in terms of turnover in sportsbooks,” Fröberg concluded.

With a younger and more tech-savvy audience, esports is challenging the traditional sportsbook off Bally casino ering which comes up short in terms of types and bet offers availability, and as more and more sportsbooks do not want to miss on the growing wave of esports and its promise business-wise, the need for new odds products arises.

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Considering esports as a way to engage with a generation that is gradually growing in buying power, Abios has leveraged its decades of experience in esports data paired with its understanding of the game to create a new betting experience for fans of CS:GO. Recently, the company released a comprehensive esports betting review providing invaluable insight into the nascent betting vertical.

Abios said that while the new product was developed for CS:GO first, the same features would be made available in the coming months to the largest esports titles in which the firm has established its presence such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and VALORANT.

Since its inception in 2013, Wild casino has been continuously catering to the needs of sportsbooks, launching new and innovative products such as widgets. Launched in 2019, widgets utilize streams and statistics and proved to be an effective engagement tool for Abios partners.