WSOP Main Event 2021 ends with Koray Aldemir earning the $8m title win

The 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has almost come to an end. After a change in season and a few new rules, the WSOP began a few weeks ago and players have competed non-stop in the hopes of becoming the next gold bracelet winner. The series has just a few days left before it is over and last night, the one tournament that everyone wants to win concluded.

The WSOP Main Event finished up with 6,550 players competing for the title. It would take more than 200 hands at the final table for Koray Aldemir to claim the first-place finish. He took on George Holmes in heads-up play and the battle would be tough to claim the title.

Details of the Final Table

It was Aldemir, Holmes, and Jack Oliver who made it to the final day of poker play. Aldemir was the favorite going in, as he had a chip lead and is quite experienced in the game. While he may have been the most seasoned player, the others did come to play though, and Holmes was in it to win it. He even completed a few bluffs at the table that had everyone talking.

The three players were at it again on Wednesday for the final day of play. Aldemir had a big stack of chips throughout the final table and he returned yesterday with a huge chip lead over both players. Yet Aldemir had to grid away in the final matches before heads-up would begin between him and Holmes.

Oliver was knocked out in third by Holmes after the two went head-to-head on a big hand. Oliver held A-8 against Q-J. The board would run jack-high, giving Holmes the hand and Oliver the exit.

Heads-Up Round

Now it was time for Holmes and Aldemir to fight for the win. After a short break, the two were back at it and Holmes would battle back from an over 2 to 1 chip deficit to gain a small lead. However, this would not last long.

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Aldemir would gain the lead back after winning a few hands back-to-back. For Holmes, his downfall would be playing top pair. On the final hand, Holmes raised with Q-K and was called by Aldemir with 10-7 suited.

The flop fell 10-7-2 and Holmes bet again. Aldemir check-raised, and Holmes called. A king came on the turn and Aldemir bet with Holmes calling. The 9 on the river did nothing for Aldemir so he checked, but Holmes was all-in. Aldemir decided to call and it was a smart move, as he won the hand and the WSOP Main Event title win!

2021 WSOP Main Event Results:

First Place                          Koray Aldemir                   $8,000,000

Second Place                     George Holmes                 $4,300,000

Third Place                         Jack Oliver                          $3,000,000

Fourth Place                      Joshua Remitio                 $2,300,000

Fifth Place          jili777                  Ozgur Secilmis                   $1,800,000

Sixth Place                         Hye Park                             $1,400,000

Seventh Place                    Alejandro Lococo            $1,225,000

Eighth Place                      Jareth East                         $1,100,000

Ninth Place                        Chase Bianchi                    $1,000,000