Experience Real Jungle Adventure In New ELK Studios Sequel: Coba Reborn

On August 1, ELK Studios, a specialist developer of real money casino games based in Stockholm, Sweden, released Coba Reborn, the sequel to the original hit Coba, which is a snake-themed slot featuring Coba, a temple surrounded by snakes located in the almost untouched jungle of Indonesia.

Outstanding visual:

True to its name, the main theme of the slot is the aforementioned temple and the many snakes that the locals claim have dangerous powers. In addition, the game has a darker vibe than the original, with the game grid covered in snake heads and ancient temple ruins in the background.

To win, players must form combinations of a minimum of 5 matching symbols that are interconnected anywhere on the board on a dynamic 7×7 grid, which uses a cluster pays mechanic instead of paylines. Also, the game is available on all devices, has high volatility, an RTP of 94% and a maximum win of 25,000x a player’s bet.

The basic low-value symbols are the blue lizard, the green turtle and the bronze monkey symbol, while the high-value bonus symbols are blue, red and green gems and the golden mask symbol. A combination of five low or high value symbols is worth 0,05x to 1x, increasing to 1,5x to 50x a player’s bet for the combination of 15+ low or high value symbols.

Slot features:

Wild Symbol – when Wilds land, they replace any regular paying symbol. Additionally, winning combinations involving Wilds pay as the highest value symbol.

Avalanche feature – this one is triggered when the winning symbols disappear from the board, and new symbols fall from above into their positions. Additionally, winning symbols are accumulated using the snake progress meter, and this feature stops when there are no more winning clusters in sight.

Snake Progress Meter – when the snake meter is half-charged, Wilds are randomly put on the grid after the symbol are replenished. Furthermore, if the meter is fully charged, snakes are released depending on what level players reach. If they reach level 1, 2 or 3, 3 snakes are released from random entry points located on the sides of the grid. Also, if they reach level 4, 6 snakes are released.

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Snakes – the snake is a linear set of symbols that rises as the snake moves across the grid. The snake consists of at least 5 symbols bet646 and every time it creates a winning cluster or part of a bigger cluster. There are several snakes:

yellow snake – it’s the starting state and means it will remain in the game till the next avalanche;blue snake – if a snake like this appear, it means it won’t survive till the next avalanche.

What’s more, the first symbol that the snake passes is automatically the snake’s symbol, except for the Wilds and the Orchids, which is shown on its head. The snake may possibly become Wild if the aforementioned symbol is an orchid. However, if the snake passes the same symbol again, it increases in length and turns yellow, and the same can be said when the snake eats Wilds.

The snake needs to eat (passes) symbols, and if it doesn’t during its movement, it automatically dies and is removed from the grid before any win is evaluated. Also, snakes with a Wild symbol convert crossed symbols into Wilds and must eat Multiplier Wilds, Wilds or Orchids to increase their size and survive.

Wild Multiplier – when the snakes cross each other paths, this multiplier is triggered. It begins at 2x and doubles for every extra crossing. Additionally, within the same cluster, Wild Multipliers multiply each other.

Orchids – there is 4 specific orchid symbols in the game, such as:

blood orchid – when 2 of them are on the grid, a snake spawns from each. It may also drain another type of orchid that is on the grid at the same time and also spawn a snake from its position. The previous position of the blood orchid turns into a Wild when the snake moves and the first time the snake eats said orchid a random number of snakes appear from the sides of the grid;hydra orchid – if a snake eats a hydra orchid, it spawns one more snake behind its head with the same type of symbol. Also, if the eating snake has rebirth or ouroboros feature, the new snake gains them;rebirth orchid – eating a rebirth orchid by the snake, it may bring said snake back if it dies. The snake will be the same size as it was when it died, and the ouroboros feature will be retained if it was activated. This one remains through many avalanche drops;ouroboros orchid – eating the ouroboros orchid, gives the snake the ability to cross itself without dying. Crossing increases the size of the snake, which then turns yellow. In addition, the position where the snake crossed itself becomes a Multiplier Wild.

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Snakes that already have the ouroboros and rebirth feature activated within them, can’t activate another such feature no matter how many times they eat such orchids.

X-iter – this unique feature, created by the aforementioned studio, gives players the opportunity to enter 5 different game modes, such as:

boosted chance – one drop for 2x a player’s bet gives players a double chance to reach the first level on the snake meter;flower power – one drop for 10x a player’s bet gives players a chance to win at least 3 random orchids;all ouroboros – 25x of the bet for the round with double blood orchids. In addition, every snake is allowed to cross itself;bali boost – 100x of the bet for a round that will certainly allow players to reach level 1 of the snake meter;coba – 500x of the bet for a round starting at level 4 where 6 snakes are rewarded.